Today no longer is the big fat Indian wedding a requisite for every bride. Instead, today’s modern and independent women are finding pleasure in minimalism. Minimalist weddings allow you to remove the extraneous factors, like heavy centrepieces, elaborate table cutlery, heavy and garish flower chandeliers, etc to replace them clean, fuss-free and elegant elements that make the two of you – the bride and groom, the centre of attraction. Today we will discuss the perfect wedding ideas and how to make your marriage memorable.

Take a leaf out of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s wedding which was minimalist, elegant and simple where natural light lent beauty to the two of them.

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5 Minimalist Wedding Ideas for the Today's Woman | Wedding planner in Sodepur, Kolkata | Wedding Venue in Sodepur | Banquet hall

5 amazing wedding ideas we can incorporate to give you a minimalist wedding!

  1. Floral Decoration – Use soft pinks, yellows and whites, and delicate greenery as your floral decor instead of using intense colours like red, go for soft muted colours with your flowers. For day weddings, make use of yellow and white flowers whereas at night you could use soft pinks. Use crawling greenery on the walls to make a bold yet simple statement.
  2. Mix and Match Nature and Neutrals – Do not overload the dinner tables with heavy silverware and cutlery or with over the top table linens. Instead, go for white table linens, delicate candles, geometric and simple plate ware, and soft-coloured flowers to exude intimacy, class, and romance.
  3. Personalised Menus – How wonderfully minimalist it would look if you decorated every plate ware with an old-fashioned scroll as a menu with every item written in calligraphy! It would lend an old-world charm and personalization to your wedding!
  4. A Simple Mandap – Use little flowers in pinks and whites to give your mandap an “Alice in Wonderland” look. Make a simple archway with florals and greenery to give it a pretty and elegant look.
  5. Minimal Food Items – Gone are the days when the total number of items on a wedding menu was directly proportional to the amount of money you spent on your wedding! Today, more and more couples follow the “less is more” approach. Ensure to always choose quality over quantity while choosing the food items.

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