In your life, the biggest party you would ever throw can be your marriage. Many of us dream to have the best wedding with all the proper arrangements. While in that case, you must be very confused about how to figure out your wedding step by step. If you are in a short of time then you can simply delegate the works and responsibilities to your family members or your close friends. Make sure you do not get overwhelmed and your main focus should be on one task at a time. Here is a very basic but important step by step guide which is mentioned below:

Set A Budget For A Personalized Wedding

Before figuring out your wedding plan, it is very important for you to decide your budget. It may not be an exciting process but this task should be completed at first. It happens in many cases where you absolutely fall in love with banquet hall, dress, etc., but in the end, you find these totally out of your range. So before finalising your total budget, sit with your parents and family and then decide it. Ignore doing this process in a rush.

Make The Guestlist

You need to count your estimated guest list in order to select your wedding banquet. So before you search for the venue, count the number of guests.

Select The Date and Availability of Banquet Hall

It is always suggested to choose a few favourable dates for your wedding. Obviously, you cannot decide the date until and unless you get the wedding banquet hall. Firstly, choose the proper season for your wedding and if you are open for any season then choose a proper date. Most people prefer to get married on the Saturdays but if you are someone who does not prefer any specific day then have a look at the calendar and finalise your special day.

Choose Your Wedding Venue

Now, as you have a proper budget, an estimated guest list and few prefered dates, you can make a list of suitable banquets for the marriage. This is an integral part of planning your wedding. You can visit Asmi Banquet. It provides you with parking facility, centrally airconditioned hall, catering service, hall decoration and entertainment. The best part of the banquet hall is it is very budget-friendly as well.

Finalise Your Wedding Date And Guestlist

Invite your guests as early as possible so that they can plan for your wedding in advance. The first thing you must keep in mind before finalising your guest list is the capacity of the marriage banquet hall which you have already booked. Do not invite more than the capacity of the hall. Doing this will make you pay considerably extra to the wedding hall owner.

Book Vendors And Choose Your Wedding Attire

If you want to create your dream marriage then you need to hire professional vendors. At the same time, it is important to hire the right people who can manage your big day in a perfect manner.
Take some extra time in selecting your perfect attire. Looking great on the wedding day must be a top priority. It can take you weeks to purchase the right outfit for yourself which is perfectly tailored.

Wedding is a big thing and you should try to make the most out of it. That is where banquet halls come into play. If you are planning to organise a personalized marriage ceremony in Kolkata, choose from some of the popular ones such as ASMI Banquet. They provide various services when it comes to the wedding such as catering, bridal makeup, floral decorations, entertainment, photography, videography and more. This means that you will not have to wander here and there in order to arrange services. The complete wedding package offered by ASMI Banquet is more than enough for your marriage needs.

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