The coronavirus pandemic has affected the whole world, be it business or personal life of an individual. It is paused everything at present. Luckiest are places with zero positive cases. However, even the business of those places is effected due to the decreased or restricted transport.


On the other hand, business sectors are believed to witness massive growth after the end of the pandemic. While this seems to be a piece of good news, the same can affect the price of everything as well. The hotel industry would witness a great demand due to their types of service offering. The prices of a banquet hall for meeting, wedding and party are also said to rise. Although there is no surety of the same, people can book banquets for weddings and the like before the price goes high.


Thinks to keep in mind before booking a banquet

If you are sure about a specific event that would take place in the coming month, it would be wise to prebook the place. Here are a few things you must keep in mind before booking-

The purpose

Banquet facilities for meetings vary a lot with that of a wedding or party banquet. Make sure you know the purpose before you book the place.

Banquet policy

Look for the convenient options such as changing of date fo the event. Most of the banquet like ASMI banquet charge a particular amount of fee for the change in the event date. However, there are some banquets that completely deny date alteration.

Booking and payment

The convenience of booking should be a priority. You must check for the banquets that have complete online supports from booking to customer care service.

Additional services

Some of the banquets provide additional services like decoration, catering, cleaning and garbaging, etc. It is advised to go for the banquets that provide all of these since any damage caused by the outside vendor would fall in your pocket.

Since the rate of the banquet matters a lot, you must check for the cheaper places. Thankfully, Kolkata is one such place where the rate of banquets for weddings, meeting and others is comparatively cheap. Also, while booking, you should note the time so that the booking is not wasted due to the lockdown. Check for the latest updates and decisions made by the government before you rush to book. The rate of banquets like ASMI is always cheaper without any compromise with quality services.

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