The salient part of your wedding, besides the ceremony, is your guests. Don’t we all want our near and dear ones around us on our special day? When you’re bogged down by all the details of your wedding it is important to keep perspective of what actually matters to your guests. So, instead of focusing a lot of energy on insignificant details, it is best to concentrate on key factors that will make your wedding a much-remembered event for your loved ones.

At Asmi Banquet, an AC Banquet Hall in Sodepur, we have seen innumerable weddings of all kinds. Let us tell you what genuinely matters to your guests so that you can concentrate more on that and make it an amazing event for them too!

Tips How To Make Wedding Experience Memorable

Delicious Food –

This is the undisputed winner on the list. And, hence we decided to talk about it at first! In India, food is a huge factor that connects people, and probably a huge reason why most people turn up to weddings. So, make sure to have a wonderful menu that most people prefer. Avoid having items that most people haven’t tasted! Amazing food helps you the make your wedding experience memorable for your guests.

Our analysis shows that less is always more when it comes to food. So, keep limited items but make sure that they’re wonderful and delicious! Also, ensure that the food is fresh and warm. You don’t want people blaming your wedding food for a bad tummy, do you? Keep adequate sitting arrangements with space for people to manoeuvre. If possible, keep adequate help available to assist old folks.

If you intend to serve a buffet dinner or lunch, make sure that there is sufficient sitting arrangement to relax and savour the food. Another very important factor is to confirm that there are sufficient choices for vegetarians!

Alcohol Adds Uniqueness-

Again, another big factor for Indian weddings! These days many wedding ceremonies and receptions serve alcohol. Your guests want to let down their hair and enjoy your wedding with a glass of whiskey in their hands! So, if you’re planning to keep alcohol at your wedding, keep an adequate variety for every kind of drinker to enjoy.

In case, you want to go the alcohol-free route, make sure to have some attractive mocktails and juices which your guests can sip on and enjoy your D-day.

Date and Venue of the Wedding –

Two major factors that play a big role are the date and venue for your wedding. It is preferable to plan your wedding on a weekend so that more near ones can attend. Don’t plan around festivals as most people will be unable to attend it. For a venue choose one that’s centrally located and easy to reach. Ensure to provide the directions to the venue on the wedding card. Also, keep a family member available on call at all times in case guests are unable to find the way. Make sure to have a venue that accommodates parking. No one wants to walk long distances in high heels!

Entertainment Cannot Be Ignored –

This happens to be another major factor for weddings. No one wants a wedding where there’s little to no fun. Everyone wants a wedding where they can enjoy the fullest! People want to dance and have loads of fun at weddings. And that means getting a DJ or even a band! Hire a good DJ who can read the mood of your guests and play accordingly. Music & Dance helps to make the wedding experience exceptional.

We hope our list helps you prioritize what’s important at your wedding! If you’re looking for a marriage reception hall in Sodepur, try Asmi Banquet. Contact us today!

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