Are you stressed about your job and planning to grab a drink? Or do you wish to spend a day with your favourite ladies and indulge in all the fun moments you guys have so long wished for? Thinking for a small party venue in Sodepur?

Well, whatever the reason, if you are one of those who are planning for a cocktail party with your buddies or a kitty party with your ladies, then this article is for you.

Cocktail parties are a must-do thing for every party hopper who has got a taste for drinks and a heart to party. Whereas, kitty parties are just a classy and fun way of letting go of the stress of your mundane life and reconnecting with your girlfriends.

However, both these parties necessitate a lot of planning and clean execution of the same from the host to turn it into a success. Furthermore, achieving that can prove to be too hectic for anyone who is executing it for the first time.

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No more struggle to find a small party venue in Sodepur

From deciding the date to finding the right venue to ordering the right food accompanied by the decision of the right theme, it includes a lot of decision making. A wrong decision taken at any turn can cost you a perfect party as the host of the same.

Although we cannot assure to unburden you from it all, we can nevertheless, help you find the perfect venue for your party. One of the best banquet halls in Sodepur, Asmi Banquet is the place to host your most fun and memorable cocktail and kitty parties in town.

Keeping in mind the preferences of the modern city dwellers, the banquet is built-in 6600 sq ft. It has the capacity of accommodating 600-700 guest at a time. So whether you are planning for a big cocktail party or a small gathering of friends at a kitty party, Asmi Banquet can serve both these purposes with ease and comfort. Its spaciousness coupled with the additional services ranging from premium catering service options to the rest of the arrangements for the party it aims to provide to it esteemed customers makes it the ideal venue to host a kitty party.

A venture of AVR group, Asmi Banquet aims at delivering the all-round service to its clients at the most affordable rates. That makes it the one-stop destination for all events ranging from a corporate event to a kitty party or a cocktail party. It is one of the choicest venues in the city which can equip you with the right ambience for every occasion without causing a hole in your pocket.

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