Weddings seem to be eternal in beauty and elegance. Have you captured your obsession with the beautiful wedding and you plan to have one of your own in the City of Joy- Kolkata? A wedding with a target seems to be a perfect concept, but a lot of planning follows.

Charmed by the bride’s stunning beauty, anyone would want to have a wedding here in Kolkata. While the wedding will be worth every rupee, it might be a chaotic situation behind the scenes. Not knowing how to search for the right vendor inside the streets and the lanes of Kolkata will become a challenging mission especially if you are not a Bengali.

Not only could you find the perfect wedding venue; you can even make new friends in Kolkata. Save the saree, lehenga and makeup look. Hold up, what? You have to wonder how this can be accomplished. The mask advantage is that there’s a mystery that can not be clarified when it comes to marriages in Kolkata.

Now let us discuss how much this beautiful journey means to your pocket.

The answer is easy. The costs depend on your wedding theme, the features and, of course, the seller’s demand. What are the qualities that query us by that? Take a look below.

1. The Venue-

In Kolkata, there are several banquets for weddings to match any person’s budget. The position depends on the size of the town, which is relevant to your desires. You can get hitched for prices like 50 thousand to even 15 lacs. There are great wedding places in Kolkata and one such is ASMI Banquets. It is a Banquet Hall in Sodepur popular for its quality service. Also, it is probably the most affordable banquet hall in Sodepur that offers excellent services.

2. Bridal Makeup Packs-

Brides look is one you will be able to die for. Body paint, bleaching, gold and hell, other things are part of the bridal kit. Choose a package of your preference.


Bengalis have no tradition of adding the Mehendi, unlike other northern brides. We add a red tint on Mehendi rather than Alta. But the custom of the Mehendi application was embraced by modern Bengali Brides. The Mehendi artist kit in Kolkata depends on your preference of style.

4. Caterer-

Kolkata is heaven for food-making, and Bengalis are renowned for its natural food. A Bengali marriage without good food is deemed incomplete. The flavour of the real Bengali food is what you will always have on a wedding in Kolkata. Kochuri, Doi Maach, Kosha Mangsho, Rosogolla, Gur Sandesh and Sherbert styles are all appropriate for your mouth water to be produced. Sherbert types only names of cuisine are enough. Asmi banquet at Sodepur provides you with the best catering services to make your special day even better.


Go into the season If your wedding is to be held in mid-June when the sun will shine in virtually every part of the world. Similarly, it will be chilly and everything will be freezing outside if the wedding takes place towards the end of December. Pink, purple, and orange colours are perfect for spring wedding and summer is the use of white and pastel blues. Winter holds all quiet and dory.

6. Do not overthink-

Love, it is not a matter to really worry about. It does not mean anything more than your case and that of your friend. The universe will always tell you, but eventually, you really should do what you want. Do not worry over whether it is the right orange hue or if the chandeliers became too small or rustic too much. It is just best if you like it. Let the world take its own backs.

A Bengali wedding has many other facets, but we do not want to do so too. To sum it up, we would like to suggest that the wedding will not drive a hole in your pocket if prepared within a budget.

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