Who doesn’t love winters? At Asmi Banquet, an banquet hall in Sodepur, we usually notice a high peak in the number of weddings during this season. And why shouldn’t it? This is the perfect time of the year when you’re not hassled by frizzy hair, sweaty bodies and the environment is just perfect for romance! A picturesque setting for a romantic fairytale wedding!

However, at Asmi Banquet we believe that there are still some key tips to keep in mind to make your winter wedding perfect! Below is some top-notch expert advice from our team of planners at Asmi.

Appropriate Venue

Unlike monsoons or summers, winters allow you to make the most of the cozy weather outside. A common dilemma that most couples face is whether to host the wedding indoor or outdoor. It is a tussle between comfort and luxury! However, what if you could do both? Go for a perfect combination set-up where your guests can chill and relax outdoors in the cool Indian winter evening while the main ceremony takes place within the snug cozy confines indoors.

Another wonderful option is to have day ceremonies like Haldi, etc outdoors whereas the main events like the wedding or reception can be held indoors.

Keep the correct temperature in the venue

With all the advantages that come with hosting a winter wedding, a tricky bit could be the temperature in the venue. If it is planned outdoors, strategically place heaters where guests and the couple are seated. Also, always make sure to keep a backup plan ready in case the outdoor weather turns out to be too unpleasant or harsh.

Another wonderful way of keeping your guests comfortable in the cool winter evenings is by keeping adequate warm food around. Instead of going for the typical age-old buffet system keep live food counters available to serve piping hot food right off the counters.

Keep piping hot beverages such as coffee, tea, and soups along with hot snacks like pakoras, pasta, to go for at all times.

The Correct Winter Decor

Nothing is more heartwarming than seeing venues make use of wintry color palettes. Choose cooler colors like pink, lavender, soft blues. Use fairy lights, candles, chandeliers, yellow bulbs to give the venue a welcoming feel that exudes warmth.

Decorate the dining tables with lanterns, tea lights, white florals to create a cheery ambiance.

Send Out The Invitations On Time

Winter means festivities! It is the time of the year when the pace of work has slackened and people are gearing up for Christmas and the New Year.

So, it is always wise to send out wedding invitations well in advance. For winter weddings, ensure to send out invitations within 8-12 weeks before the wedding so that your guests don’t end up making other plans. Also, as this is the time of festivities where a lot of people are going to be hosting Christmas and New Year’s parties, it is also prudent to get your wedding invitations printed early on to avoid delay.

Not just for wedding invitations, it is also wise to book all wedding-related vendors and services in advance. As winter is also a peak wedding season, you don’t want to be left with no options!

Winter Wedding Attire For The Couple

A dip in the temperature doesn’t mean that you’ve to forgo your styling dream. Sure, you can’t wear backless cholis in this chilly weather but using the subtle art of skillful layering will take you a long way. Brides can opt for velvet or silk fabrics to stay warm and get a royal look. Also, make use of flowy jackets to keep the chilly temperature at bay. Brides can also wear warm tights or slacks underneath the lehenga. Make sure of a thick luxurious dupatta that can keep you stylish yet warm.

If you’re looking to plan a winter wedding and need the perfect venue, call us at Asmi Banquet today!

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