Life is a mixed bag of joyful events and sad reminiscences. Human beings love to remember the joyful memories and try their best to forget the bad reminiscences. However, the current year 2020 has appeared as a darn year in the life of human beings who are experiencing some awful situations that they would not forget easily.

Yes, you got it right! We are talking about the pandemic caused by COVIOD-19, a deadly virus that has affected more than 2 million people in more than 200 countries in the world. Furthermore, it has claimed more than 750 thousand people worldwide. The situation is likely to go worse.

Apart from deaths, the pandemic has caused terrible damages to every walk of life. The back-to-back lockdowns have devastated the career opportunities, academics, and businesses completely. The Banquet Halls For Weddings In Sodepur are no exception as they have faced a terrible amount of loss. However, things have changed in the last few weeks when the government has lifted the lockdown in a stepwise manner. It is good for the hotels and banquets as they have got permission to reopen their services.

Asmi Banquets, the Best Banquet Hall In Sodepur, has accepted the challenge to make the facilities perfect after the clients who would now approach them for booking. They are all set with the topmost safety measures that can make the clients feel at home.

The following are a few things that Asmi has been doing seriously:

Complete Sanitization:

Asmi assures all the parties the complete support for complete sanitization of the entire banquet premises. They seek support from the Sodepur municipality to disinfect the whole banquet area. However, they have personal paraphernalia to do the needful continuously to make the whole area disinfected from the deadly virus.

Restricted/Controlled Admission:

At present, the Banquet Hall In Sodepur is allowed to admit only a certain number of guests in the parties. With individual security services, Asmi is very stringent about allowing the guests only after completing all the suggested guidelines. The admission is granted only after testing the body temperature with a thermal scanner. The guests need to sanitize their hands with the sanitizers the staff provides them right at the entry point.

Sanitization Tunnel:

Installing a sanitization tunnel has been made mandatory at the banquet halls. Following this directive, Asmi Banquet has installed a tunnel right at the entry point. Every guest is supposed to enter only after passing through the tunnel.

Monitoring Social Distancing:

Though it is not easy for the security personnel at Asmi Banquet, still they are doing a great job here. The security personnel watches the proceedings through CCTV coverage. They are even required to visit the guest personally and restrict them from coming closer physically. Here, these professionals are showing a tremendous amount of courtesy to make people follow their words, instead of getting annoyed or embarrassed.

The Bottom Line:

The challenges before the hotels and banquets halls have been really tough but they have been doing a great job to maintain complete safety measures to make the place safe for everyone. Asmi has been very successful in its initiatives as well!

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